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Particulier Stadsherstel Amsterdam (PSHA)/Bouwplan BV.

PSHA/Bouwplan BV is a collaboration between Herman Heijtlager from Amsterdam and Nick Pronk from Spierdijk. Together with a team of builders and craftsmen, they combine their architectural knowledge and progressive outlook towards new construction methods and are experts in the field of renovation and restoration of historic and monumental buildings.

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At home in Amsterdam

PSHA/Bouwplan BV has been operating in the centre of Amsterdam for decades. We have successfully carried out work on many well-known buildings such as the Armenian Church, Hotel Prins Hendrik, the Kasbank and Huis Verloren.

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Full service construction company

PSHA/Bouwplan BV is a full-service construction company that carries out construction assignments from small domestic jobs to large commercial commissions. We are specialists in all aspects of building, construction & renovation, and work closely with architects and specialists in the field of exterior and interior design (including 3D) as well as with specialized subcontractors (installers, plasterers, painters, tilers, electricians). We are a stream-lined organization which allows us to work closely and flexibly with our clients to provide the best possible service. Contact us