How we work

Residential and Commercial

PSHA/Bouwplan BV works for both Residential and Commercial clients.

Professional Service

PSHA/Bouwplan BV believes that personal contact is paramount, and the customer is central. We have the expertise and extensive experience to carry out complex restorations and construction work while clients live on site. However extensive or complicated the work is, our basic principle is that our clients experience as little inconvenience as possible. This means: no blasting radios at work and a tidy construction site at the end of the working day.

Cost assessment or contract sum

A PSHA/Bouwplan BV team member will personally meet the client. A complete outline of what the client can expect and needs to consider during the renovation will be discussed. Based on the client’s wishes, a cost estimation, or a contract sum (work at a fixed price) will be made. We aim to ensure that our customer's wishes and expectations are met. All our projects are meticulously documented.

Traditional and sustainable

PSHA/Bouwplan BV works in a traditional and sustainable manner. When we renovate historic buildings to their former glory, this includes doors, frames, and other elements. When regulations are not an issue, sustainable materials will be used.

Quick service

PSHA/Bouwplan BV is available 24/7 for emergency work. Urgent services are also carried out at night and in the weekends.